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So a lot of people ask me what my hair regimen is and how I build a regimen.So I decided to make a post on how I build a regimen!

We all know that hair care regimen is like a series of procedures and treatment plan that is intended to restore health and growth to our hair. In order to build a good haircare regimen, you have to consider the following points that I’ve listed below;

1. Know your hair type: We have different hair types ranging from type 2,3a,3b,3c,4a,4b,4c etc. Knowing your hair type and texture will help you make better choices of what products you should use and how well you should use these products on your hair for your regimen.

2. Identify your hair condition: Is your hair breaking,stunted,unhealthy,filled with dandruff? Or are you having itchy scalp,coarse hair,dry scalp and hair? Identifying your hair condition will help you know what to use and the regimen that would bring solution to the hair condition.

3. Try out different products and methods: After you’ve known your hair type and identified your hair condition, its time to try out different products to be able to choose the best products suitable for your hair type and condition. It’s time to also try out different methods of applying these products to your hair in order to choose the right and proper methods that is appropriate and functional for your hair type and condition.

4. Stick with the best products and methods: Sticking with the best products and methods suitable for your hair is an important part of building your hair regimen. It will help you record significant progress of your hair’s growth and overall health.

5. Record the progress of your hair: keeping records of your hair should be done because it helps you to know what products and methods have helped improve your hair which you should continue to use or discard if their purpose isn’t needful anymore. Also, keeping records of your hair will help you know what significant progress your hair has made and if there’s anything else you need to be doing to either improve your hair or keep it at its best.

6. Review your hair products and methods: it is necessary to review and re-evaluate your haircare products and methods in order for you to either keep or discard the products and methods that are no longer serving purpose or to know if there are more products and new methods you should add to your regimen that would give you better results.

Building a haircare regimen could be a bit challenging because you have to keep trying new things to finally make the right decisions on products and methods that best suits your hair. But it’s totally worth the stress!

I hope these points of mine would help you and guide you through in building a healthy haircare regimen.


Love and Hugs,


Published by Choyce Ndifon

Choyce is a lady with a passion for promoting and celebrating African Hair. She aims to influence African Women to see the beauty in African hair and to embrace the Afro. She is from Nigeria and currently studies for a Master's degree at Middlesex University.


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