How to Choose Good Hair Products


Welcome Lovelies,

Choosing a product from the range of many can be very confusing. One could end up spending the whole day at the hair store only trying to choose the perfect product for one’s hair. To save you from all that confusion, I will be sharing some tips on how you can choose good products for your hair without any hitches and delays.

  • KNOW YOUR HAIR TYPE: Some products work better on some hair types and texture. Knowing your hair type and texture will help you know the exact product that you should choose for your hair.
  • IDENTIFY YOUR HAIR CONDITION: The condition of your hair will determine the particular product to use as a cure to the hair condition, so you would know what exact products you should choose.
  • CHECK PRODUCT INGREDIENT: A good hair product should indicate what ingredients were used to manufacture it. Checking the products against harsh and harmful ingredients will help you know what products have suitable ingredients that is appropriate for your hair , thereby helping you choose best products.
  • CHECK THE EXPIRY DATE: Checking and knowing the expiry date of a product will surely help you choose rightly. Products with closer expiry dates may not be best when it comes to savings as compared to products with a much more further expiry date. On the other hand, products with closer expiry dates from production dates may have no chemical ingredients and preservative which is a good thing, while products with further expiry dates from production dates may contain chemical ingredients and preservative which is not good in most cases. This knowledge will help you in choosing the right products for your hair.

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Published by Choyce Ndifon

Choyce is a lady with a passion for promoting and celebrating African Hair. She aims to influence African Women to see the beauty in African hair and to embrace the Afro. She is from Nigeria and currently studies for a Master's degree at Middlesex University.

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