Shrinkage Is Your Friend

Hi Beauties๐Ÿ’“,

Glad to have you on here! Today I would be sharing with you my thoughts on shrinkage and why you shouldn’t be frustrated anymore about it. Let’s go!!!๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฝ

In the natural hair community, it is no news that hair shrinkage is a major feature of the afro hair. As naturalistas, we sometimes find it disturbing that our hair shrinks all the time, hiding the real length of our hair and not let us be great. This shouldn’t be. Shrinkage has our interest at heart. Shrinkage is literally our best friend. Here’s why!

  • Curly/coily/kinky hair is the opposite of straight/stretched hair. Curly hair is just like a spring, it can stretch to a reasonable length but when left, it returns to its springy elastic state. This is because it is made that way and there’s beauty in that. Your hair is made to be curly in nature, Having to stretch your curly hair can only be temporary, it will always return to its default state because that’s how it’s made and that’s where it’s beauty lies.
  • Our hair shrinks because it’s a natural way to protect itself from breaking. Stretching constantly exposes our hair to more and more weakness. Our hair is at its weakest when stretched.
  • Shrinkage only shows how healthy our natural hair is. When you get your hair stretched all too often, it can literally lose its elasticity,become straight, and starts shedding. This indicates poor health and of course, serious crisis.

So the next time your hair shrinks, just thank it๐Ÿ˜„ because it loves you and you should reciprocate that love. Let’s stop complaining about our shrinkage and start accepting,embracing and loving it even more. It’s God’s gift to us. Shrinkage is our friend!๐Ÿ’•

Published by Choyce Ndifon

Choyce is a lady with a passion for promoting and celebrating African Hair. She aims to influence African Women to see the beauty in African hair and to embrace the Afro. She is from Nigeria and currently studies for a Master's degree at Middlesex University.

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