I Let the Big Hair Go!

Hi Lovers💋,

How are you doing? I know I’ve been away for a minute😉,the month of July has been a very busy and life changing month for me but am here with you now,so please pardon my excuses,haha😀.

Okay guys, so 4 weeks ago I made this really big and gigantic hair which was so beautiful that I wish I could take for even a year😅, but of course that’s just what it is….a wish!😂 My hair needed some break,care time and pampering,lol…so your guess is as good as mine, I had to let the big hair go!

Did I point out that the hair am talking about was crotchet styled kinky add-ons which was inserted by your home girl?😉,yes allow me the moment to crush on myself and my handiwork,its not an easy something😅.

The most interesting and fulfilling parts of the 4 weeks that I carried this hair were the special moments I got compliments on how beautiful and unique the hair was. Lovers,do you know that people, especially our ‘oyibo'(white/Americana)brothers and sisters could not stop admiring my hair ohhh😆😁. It gave me so much joy to see people appreciate the African type of beauty as well. It was at that point I knew I was conveying a worthy message to my world. In any case,representation is all that matters!👌🏾

So after finally taking these extensions out, I jejely(easily and carefully) stretched my hair and put it in a tiny puff, then I took some pictures of course😄…who wouldn’t?😘

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