The Story Behind My First Ever Braided Wig!

Hi Lovers😍,

Hope you all are doing just great!…as for me, am doing exceedingly, abundantly great by the special grace of God🙏🏾😇.

If you’ve been following my Instagram and Facebook pages, it’s no news that I recently celebrated my achievement via my posts on there💃🏽!…Yes, it’s not an easy something my darlings, making a wig as neat, long and pretty as mine for the first time ever, is a very great achievement!😀

But do you know that it takes a lot of work to do such?😅…this is how it all started;

One day, I went to the mall with my friends and while we were shopping, I came across the section for dolls, then I remembered that I’ve been desiring to make a wig. So I quickly bought the doll(mannequin head), bought some wig caps, crotchet pins and hair extensions.

Getting home, I quickly commenced my wig making, thinking I will finish it in just 3days🤣 but little did I know that it was gonna take me 8 good days😅. Lovers, I will be braiding but the hair will not want to finish😢.Honestly I was almost getting frustrated☹️ but I didn’t give up💪🏾! I was awake at nights/mornings, starving myself of good and sweet sleep, just to make sure I finish this hair.chai😐.

Finally, I did finish the hair and it was such a relief to me😝.Do you know that my oyibo (white) friend admired the hair so much so that she said she wants to cut all her hair and put in the garbage just so she could put on my wig?😂 I told her she can put on the wig without having to cut all her hair away😂.

So guys, when you put your mind to do something, they will always be discouragement and frustrations along the way, but never give up. Just keep going, and when you hit your mark, you’d be happy you never gave up and everyone that ever laughed at you would certainly come to associate with you👌🏾💯. Lovers, There’s always a story😙 before the glory😇! That’s my story, now see the glory in the pictures below,haha😀.

2 thoughts on “The Story Behind My First Ever Braided Wig!

  1. Proud of you babe… Did you braid the hair yourself or you bought a braided one and fixed it on… If you braided it all then you were pretty fast… I think I should try doing one too

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