How I Achieved My “Afro-Pony” Hairstyle

It’s been a minute Lovers. I know right, life got me so caught up that I barely have time to sleep and am sure most of you can relate😅. But all the same, am here with some new and gorgeous ideas for you all to try especially on how I achieved my “Afro-pony” hairstyle.

If you’ve been on my instagram feed lately,then there’s no doubt that you’ve already seen the sweet comments and many likes on how beautiful my “Afro-Pony” looks and of course how beautiful I am too😄. What would shock you my Lovers is the fact that I made the hair myself and in the most creative way with the most basic things. I know you’re eager to know what I used and how I styled it. So here we go!

Items used:

•Hair gel

•Bobby pins

•Smoothing cream

•Edge control

•DIY moisturizing/conditioning spray

•Afro extensions

•Hair brushes

•Hair bands


Step 1: I moisturized my hair with my DIY spray, applied my smoothing cream and stretched my hair with a comb.

Step 2: Next, I packed my hair into a bun with my hair band.

Step 3: I then used my hair gel and a brush to sleek up my hair and used another band to reinforce the sleekness(4c struggles😄).

Step4:I applied my edge control gel to my edges for an extra cute and sultry look☺️.

Step 5: I picked up my Afro extensions and inserted them around my bun line with my Bobby pins, then I brushed my Afro extensions using a big hair brush for a full and fluffy look.

Step 6: Finally, I used a scarf on my sleeked up hair just to hold my hair down for a perfect finish.

…and Voila! My “Afro-Pony” ready to slay!💁🏽‍♀️😀

Lovers, I hope this tutorial helps you just Incase you’ve always wanted to style your afro hair into a ponytail.

Do you love the hairstyle? What would you do differently if you wanted trying this hairstyle? Let me know in the comments below.

Big Love 💕,


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