My Blue Hair in Pictures

Merry Christmas my lovers🎅🏽🎄,

I trust that you all are having a fantastic Christmas experience. How has the holidays been for you all?For me the holidays have been peaceful and relaxing with ample time for me to plan and prepare for the new year🎆.

If you’ve been on my Instagram feed recently, you already know that I made braids…BLUE braids 😆. Over a month now I’ve been rocking these beautiful flashy braids on my head and I’ve been longing to get the time to share my looks with you all(I can’t possibly let you guys miss out on seeing my gorgeous hair, am not that selfish lol 😆). So if you’ve always wanted to try something new, edgy and different, I hope these serve as great inspo for you.

Just relax, grab a cup of tea or coffee(or whatever helps you relax, lol) and enjoy viewing.

I hope these pictures inspire you to go out of the usual and experiment with new colors.

Have yourselves a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year❣️

Big Love ❤️,


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